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      1. +86-372-2750369
        About Us

        The enterprise was founded in the end of 70' s in the last century. It has years' history of manufacturing fine chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates.

        It has cooperation relation with many universities and research institutes. The enterprise has strong technology, advanced production arts and completed test instruments. It is a practice industry enterprise which integrates R&D, and production. The factory is located in the north of Henan, the west of it is Taihang Mountain and Hongqiqu.Beijing to Shenzhen Railway, Beijing to Zhuhai Highway, No.107 Road cross Anyang. The transportation is rather convenient. Anyang is also the home town of Yue Fei,and the place of origin of Yin Ruin inscriptions on the bones as well as the tourist city.

        It covers an area of 35 thousand square meter,and the building area can be 12 thousand square meters. At present, it is developing the production of o-hydroxyacetophenone and p-hydroxyacetophenone and so on. It has been tested by the relative department and the content can be more than 99% and it can reach to the domestic advanced level. We would like to cooperate with all the customers with first class products and completed facilities. Let us create great future together

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